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Social Media: Happy Talking Talking

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

I find social media strange. I get the idea of staying in touch with friends and family, sharing special moments, and bragging about cake. I don't understand why people follow companies. Why do I need to stay in constant communication with Mr Kipling? Do I really care about the lifestyle choices of Hula Hoops, and I don't give a hoot about a Kardashian, but a lot of people do, and so should you. Social media is one of the most effective ways to reach your potential clients and it's (mostly) free.

Making your choice

It can be quite overwhelming when faced with the vast choice of social media platforms. What should be 30 minutes work a day, can quickly become hours of pointless work shouting in to the social media abyss. You don't have to do all the platforms. Just use the ones you feel comfortable with, and if that's just Twitter, then just use Twitter. There is nothing worse for your business than an unused social media account. People looking for you online will often find you via social media, so treat it as you would your website. Keep it up-to-date and interesting.

It's important not to be stressed when using social media. If you're worrying about writing posts for lots of platforms, you're stressing yourself out. Just do what you feel happy doing, and relax.

Let's have a chat

The key to social media is that it's social. Think of it as a party at a strangers’ house. You don't run around trying to talk to everyone about your business. In a real world social situation, you have a conversation. You talk in groups about things you have in common, and at some point you might mention your business. This might seem counter intuitive, but social media is not about SELL, SELL, SELL. It's more hey, how are you?

Be chatty, post interesting articles even if they don't relate to your business.

A general rule of thumb is that every third post should be about your business.

Your first post of the day should be something chatty and easy to relate to. The weather is often a good place to start. Next you 'give something' to your followers. Share a link to something. It can have nothing to do with your business. The idea is that your followers will share it with their friends.The third post should be something about your business. Not just a promotion. People love behind the scene stuff. It makes them feel that by following you, they are privy to something other people aren't.

And repeat if you want.

What not to say

There's a difference between talking about plastic in the sea, and talking about climate change. No one wants plastic in the sea, but some people think climate changes is a hoax, and it will kick off on social media. You have to be careful.

True story: In my earlier days of working in I.T. I had a job writing a blog for a company who shall remain nameless. It was Christmas and I was in Scotland with my parents. In the blog, I was talking about the weather (of course) and used the phrase 'going outside to smoke a fag'. The company’s biggest client accused me of encouraging smoking and being homophobic. And that was back in 2006. It's 2019 people!

Be careful. As I said in an earlier post, this is not just for you, it's for everyone else on the internet. Keep your business social media for your business.

Food for thought

Social media needs too be part of your business. Don't worry about doing them all, just do what you like. Keep it chatty and light. Share a cat pic of two, talk about cake. For many of us, social media is like haggis. It seems a strange horrible concoction of all the worst bits of the internet. But grab a fork and have a little taste. You never know, you might just like it

P.S. When it comes to the social medias, I am also terrible and never post. I know, it's on the resolutions list :)

P.P.S This is a link to Facebook analytics. If you use Facebook you should use it.


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